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An NHS for future generations – why we are making prudent healthcare happen

It is considerably less than 12 months since the discussion of prudent healthcare in Wales began with a piece of work led by the Bevan Commission. During this short period, there has been a lively debate in which both scale and scope has exceeded expectations. In the space of nine months prudent healthcare has gone from being a concept shared […]

International examples of prudent approaches to healthcare

Summary This article from the Bevan Commission look at how, β€œThe NHS in Wales, like other healthcare systems around the world, is facing the twin challenges of rising costs and increasing demand, while continuing to improve the quality of care .” The article examines how healthcare organisations around the world are applying principles similar to the central themes of prudent […]

Turning everyday medical decisions into prudent practice

Summary This essay provides an initial reflection to engage physicians and patients in conversations about preventing harm, ending unnecessary tests, and evaluating treatments and procedures. There are many tools to help physicians and patients make effective choices, using evidence, to ensure high-quality care. Each patient situation is unique and in each case physicians and patients should determine an appropriate treatment […]

Reablement, Recovery and Rehabilitation: Enabling Meaningful Occupations for Life

Summary This article looks at the way allied health practitioners can support the principles of prudent healthcare. The allied health professions have an emphasis on reablement, recovery, health and wellbeing, through supporting people to live with value and purpose. There is a danger that healthcare systems create dependency. It is better to enable people to gain control of their own […]

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