Making prudent healthcare happen


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Prudent healthcare

An NHS for future generations – why we are making prudent healthcare happen

International examples

International examples of prudent approaches to healthcare

Behaviour change

Applying behaviour change science to improve the health of everyone in Wales


Better health for all our children – prudent healthcare for future generations


Co-producing prudent healthcare – putting people in the picture

Demand management

Meeting the challenge of increased demand on healthcare services

End-of-life care

Using prudent healthcare to design a system for people approaching the end of their lives


The vital contribution of housing to improving health outcomes for Wales

Information management

Information technology – an essential tool in delivering prudent healthcare


Enabling the delivery of prudent healthcare through information technology


Innovation – the driving force for prudent healthcare


The leadership challenge of prudent healthcare


Turning everyday medical decisions into prudent practice

Mental Health

Making prudent decisions in mental health services


A clearer vision – better eye health outcomes through prudent practise


Maximising fresh opportunities through prudent pharmaceutical care

Precision medicine

Introducing prudent principles in precision medicine


Better health outcomes and safer care through prudent prescribing

Primary dental care

Using prudent healthcare principles to develop even better primary care dental services

Primary care

Focusing primary care services on people by applying prudent healthcare

Public health

Improving the health of everyone in Wales – the public health challenge of prudent healthcare

Public sector

Establishing prudent principles across the public sector


Reablement, Recovery and Rehabilitation: Enabling Meaningful Occupations for Life

Social care

Delivering excellence across the health and social care system through prudent healthcare

Substance misuse

Addressing substance misuse in an effective and sustainable way


The importance of a prudent approach to planned surgical services in Wales


Shaping a workforce to serve the people of Wales

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The content of the articles on this website reflect the views and opinions of the individual authors and are not indicative of current or future Welsh Government policy.

There have been several different expressions of the principles of prudent healthcare since it was launched in January 2014. Some of the articles on this website reflect previous formulations of the principles, however the broad emphases of all the principles are very similar and the articles provide valuable viewpoints and suggestions for ‘Making prudent healthcare happen’.

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